I don’t see any beauty in things with perfection.

hings such as symmetrical objects or things

that can feel balanced and harmonized atmosphere

which are said to be beautiful did not touch my heart.

It seems deformed and confused but definitely beautiful.


Even if no one can understand them, or even

if they appear to be strange from a common point of view,

they are living in a world with absolute harmony that no one but their own selves can reach.

Such notion may be called “the world of fetishism.”


But it doesn’t matter.

The world that we can feel satisfaction for being our own selves

without thinking about mental block or esteem needs is insane but beautiful.


Because the true narcissism surpasses

the boundaries of happiness and madness

and it is to be more desired than personal achievement.


I like the people who devote themselves into their own desire.


I can’t stop watching them while they enjoy their lives along

with their deformity.

Such people will not compromise with their lives.

No matter how far their true selves deviate from common sense,

their appearances make me feel as if their current states are directly connected to perfection.

I sometimes meet the moment that such perfection is emerging from photo model

while taking picture of them.


It looks magnificent and profound.

The beauty exists within such a moment surpasses everything.


Many people want to rectify the inconsistency in the world,

but I don’t want to do such a thing.

I just want to see the true self exists within each person.


Even if some people consider a certain photo model as weird person,

such photo model is struggling in the middle of perfection.

I want to capture and feel that moment.


When people break away from the superficial selves, their true selves appear.

Adorable and deformed beauties that only exist within such a moment touch my heart.






Maquico Kitagawa







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