If I have tried to seek out the unknown world for taking photos, I could find the word of “Journey” finally. I have been some my favorite places without any certain desire, just like drifting through the seasons, and I have felt a morning sun in calm and breathing of cells in my whole body.

Only thing I could find while taking pictures of the same figure in the certain distance repeatedly, as particular personal activity, was clearly “nothing happened” just except my looking-eyes in calm.  

This my thought was right if wouldn’t catch anything from the incident I saw, but, at the moment, everything was connected with a natural law to be exiting and to be circulating.  

I used to be afraid of some boring time with someone without any story before these series of taking pictures.

However, through my journey of photographing, the mean of pictures has been reducing day by day, and I became to want to be interesting in confusing, alive and physiological evidence of humans.    

It’s probably just like meditation significantly in my mind for my activity of photographing journey without any desire.

Whoever, whenever and however, I face someone breathing as human in the great nature, I have to find to feel an emotion and sadness like flowing blood in a body.

Since started my journey in summer of 2016, I have left behind the pure time when I was, in my personal and unnamed world without my steps in the journey. 

I reserved a batch of the gathering brightness in here.






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