Model: 心月 -mitsuki-


The photographic artists including myself are always looking for photo models, but only few people respond to our requests.Even so, the inspiration of new art always comes from the communication and interaction among people just like the photographic expression.

The freelance photo models with no restriction whose characteristics are the freedom itself are buried deep in stillness and silence.

For me, the first step for photographic artist is to sense and find out the sound of existence of such photo models which is yet to be heard.



Biography: Makiko Kitagawa has followed her passion for photography throughout her life, starting as self-taught. Her works touch a lot of categories, from landscape to portrait, from beauty and also fine art nudes.
She is always thinking about the theme, incorporating improvisation, and establishing her style.The focus of her work is the deep human consciousness and nature, and imagination. Her photography always uses natural light.








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