PhotoShoot Awards2021ACADEMIC CATEGORY  Finalist のお知らせを頂きました。


今回の3作品は、新刊「ID: N35.36207981」へ収録したHotel Chelsea ROOM1107」シリーズです。


“ 自由詩の父と言われる詩人ウォルト・ホイットマンは、かつてヌーディスト活動をこのように予想していた。「いつか、衣服を着ることが厄介なだけでなく、いかがわしいとされる時代がやってくるだろう」と。


ーーー「ID: N35.36207981」Be Naked  裸になるより一部選抜 ”



また、このような世界情勢の中、アーティストを讃え、デジタルギャラリーや BOOKの制作にあたってくださる各国の運営者の皆さまにも心からお礼申し上げます。今後とも精進いたしますので変わらぬご支援のほどどうぞよろしくお願い申し上げます。


PhotoShoot Awards2021








I have been notified of the PhotoShoot Awards2021ACADEMIC CATEGORY Finalist.

It is a photo award that I look forward to. I am very happy to be included among the world.

This year’s three photos are from the “Hotel Chelsea ROOM1107” series, which I have included in my new book, 「ID: N35.36207981」.

“Walt Whitman, the poet who is considered the father of free verse, once predicted nudist activity in this way. One day, he said, the time will come when wearing clothes will be considered not only awkward but also disreputable.

This kind of nudist hedonism questions everything in sight and espouses romantic ideas in order to construct its own values. This purity is sure to transform the chaotic thoughts of the times into an identity, and overcome them into the world of light.

ID: N35.36207981” Be Naked Partly selected from “Be Naked”.

The reason why I am able to present my work to everyone like this is thanks to the people who always support me emotionally, the models who work hard in the harsh locations and studios, and all the people who are involved in the shooting. Thank you very much.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the administrators of the digital galleries and books in the various countries that are producing them in honor of the artists in this global situation. We will continue to do our best and ask for your continued support.



「ID: N35.36207981」Special Edition Print/Limited20




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