TIFA2018(Tokyo International Foto Awards )Bronze2018 /FineArt 

Selection of TIFA winners featured on our Instagram page / Photo credits: Giuseppe Gradella, Farida Alam, Makiko Kitagawa



TIFA2019(Tokyo International Foto Awards )Gold /FineArt 


PhotoShoot Awards NUDE 2020   MEN CATEGORY



写真作家 セッショニスト 北川マキ子

Portforio → maquiphoto.myportfolio.com/

「日々是写実」主催、インディペンデントレーベル IDEA ART BOOKS  企画・運営STUDIO M代表

幼少期より父から譲り受けたカメラで遊びファインダー越しの世界に耽るようになる。20代でエステサロン経営後パリで抽象写真に出逢い、表現者として触発され写真活動を再開。五感に響く表現を伝えるためフォトエッセイや写真表現について発信。その後モノトーンを基調とした静謐なコンセプト・ポートレイト、抽象風景をテーマにしたヴィジュアルアートの魅力を伝えながら、モデルやクリエーターたちの育成、コーチングを伝授。現在、潜在意識を取り入れたプライベートセッションやコラムを連載。2018年よりインディペイデントレーベル「IDEA ART BOOKS」を企画。福祉支援へも取り組んでいる。

拙著 「IDEA : イデアを探して」amazon Kindle版 IDEA: I find theidea(JapaneseEdition) https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B01M5EPZL9

Makiko Kitagawa’s work is characterized by natural vividness, cinematic style, and pure beauty.After studying Japanese painting at an art school, he started running a salon and shooting in a studio, and in 2012 he developed a strong interest in oriental art and abstract photography, and since then he has been developing photographic projects that emphasize the fascination with different cultures in a classical way of expression.

As an extension of her lifestyle, she has been filming all over Japan. Her personal project “NUDE Landscapes” expresses a tranquil worldview blended with nature in a uniquely Japanese humid and seasonal landscape, and has been entered in numerous international photography contests.

The expressions she creates allow her to study the skin in a variety of ways. Through her lens, we can feel the delicacy and sensuality of the skin, while at the same time noticing the sculptural side of the human body. In my nude work, I want to emphasize individuality and intimate eroticism, while maintaining a certain distance, sometimes alienating. In recent years, he has been successful in using his camera to scrutinize the skin and texture of flowers and trees. There, she finds something as seductive and sensual as a model’s ecstatic expression.



2011年 作品展 Galarei Etienne de Causans  Paris

2012年 エキシビジョン「YLife deco / 愛知

2013年グループ展 印象派 /愛知

2016年 CENTRAL Photo Contest 2017 入選

2017年 PhotoShoot Awards NUDE 2017入賞

2017年   DOJIMA RIVER AWARDS 2017 入賞

2018年 PhotoShoot Awards NUDE 2018  FINALIST MEN CATEGORY

2018年 CENTRAL Photo Contest 2018  準グランプリ

2018年   TIFA2018(Tokyo International Foto Awards )Bronze2018 /FineArt 

2019年 PhotoShoot Awards NUDE 2019  NATURE WATER Category Award

2019年   TIFA2019(Tokyo International Foto Awards )Gold /FineArt 

2020年 PhotoShoot Awards NUDE 2020 MEN CATEGORY Silver Finalist

Maquico Kitagawa Photo artist

Maquico Kitagawa Photo artistBorn in Tokyo, Japan, began fine art photography in 2001.Already an internationally recognized, award-winning photographer currently based in Nagoya, Japan. Her work is exhibited at home and abroad. The focus of her work is the deep human consciousness and nature, and imagination. Her photography always uses natural light. After graduating the art university, she became the manager of beauty salon. She is now involved in creation of photo essay as a photo artist.  In 2016, she published an e-book “IDEA: I find the idea (Japanese Edition)” on Amazon.co.jp and Amazon.fr.She is currently working on the next issue of her photo essay

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