MODEL : 心月 mituski  



I am always creating everything upon an image of “Spiritual state of the conception of the nothingness”.

This is one of my works in creating, and with expression of smoky circumstances of particular feelings like Japanese hearts of wetness as our motivation.

I’ve been trying to show and create some expressions and wordings which are based on any individual or any specific historical experiences of audiences, also my historical experiences and educations.

Currently, I’ve been feeling that people like largely to love the beautiful things and lots of likely true ways mostly in the media, however now I think sometimes, that some polemical statements for each acknowledgement would come the other way.


We are physically and psychologically a hard world of the time, therefore we have been looking for an infinite nature.


As we know, we are in a chaotic world, so how I believe that I really would like to be beautiful life in the nature and in the world.

Because I would like to be comfortable and be having my real life with a nature as a human property and some, we must need.


We must be sure to recognize the greatness of the nature and the human errors when I take the pictures at the certain situations of the real society from the any places, we always are or you are.


I must seek in the world of nothing and find out the truth of reality, so I can take a picture with my creation.








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